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My Makeup Philosophy

January 21, 2013

I came across this journal entry today that I wrote three and a half years ago when I first began my makeup career and was an assistant to the amazing makeup artist Linda Mason. I still feel this way today. Take a listen :):

 “…What I see as a common problem for many women is that they get too stuck in the world of trends and they see makeup as a limited medium. They become afraid to breakthrough from what’s in vogue and begin to really use makeup to communicate things like themes and emotion and personality. If there’s anything I’ve learned while working here it’s that colors tell stories and that every woman that sits down to have her face painted has a life and a personality outside of that chair. As Karl Lagerfeild said, ‘beauty is in strangeness’. It’s about emphasizing beauty that has a bit of rawness or boldness or edge that makes a face throughly striking.” 


Grand Central

June 23, 2010

Get Back in Line!- Short Story

April 30, 2010

We’re a bunch of rascals, that’s what Mrs. Rody said…, but she didn’t laugh when she said it. I think she really meant it.
Anyway we’re in trouble again. We’re always in trouble really, but this time it’s so bad we’re having a class talk.
The thing is Matthew never stands in line patiently. He’s always talking or standing in the wrong spot. And, sometimes (you won’t believe this), but sometimes he has to be called three of four times before he even comes to the line at all. Well, as I’m sure you understand, Mrs. Rody is “at the end of her rope”. He just can’t continue to act this way!

“It’s all very important”, Mrs. Rody said to us. We sat and blinked.
“What is?” said Alex.
She sighed in disgust and said “Why everything! School, life, everything!!”
Oh, we said and nodded eagerly.
Silence; pondering; Alex’s hand shot up.
“Why are we here?”
“Because Matthew never…” began Mrs. Rody.
“No,” interrupted Alex. “Not in school. Not in class. Why are we here at all? Why are we born, why are we alive, where are we all going? Everyone always tells us how to live and act and what to do, but no one ever says why.”
Mrs. Rody was silent; thinking.
“It’s like we’re all dressed up with no where to go,” I said.
Adam and Zuzanna started to cry.
“You’re always mean to us” said Matthew. “You always yell and you’re always upset.”
“I do it for your own good,” said Mrs. Rody defensively.
“We’re all dressed!” I yelled getting emotional “But I don’t understand for what. Why can’t Matthew play? Why do I have to do so much math when I hate math and love reading?”
“Because the real world isn’t kind,” said Mrs. Rody.
More kids started crying.
“It wasn’t kind to you maybe,” I said, but I felt guilty for saying so.
A tear slipped from Mrs. Rodys eye, but she didn’t say anything.
“We don’t mean to be bad,” said Matthew. “We just don’t always know how to be. We don’t care about rules and laws and the proper way to do things. But, please don’t get to thinking we don’t care about being good. We care most of all about being good and kind and just.”
“And we love you,” I said. “We know everyone tries their hardest.”

Rhinestone Cigarette and Sarah’s Jacket

January 12, 2010

Make(up)- Photo I Final

December 13, 2009

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Brooklyn Bridge Sunday

November 19, 2009

Ice Cream + Flowers

November 10, 2009

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